Prima Diva Skin care facials combine our organic and wild crafted signature products with techniques that are sure to combat the signs of aging while leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. To achieve maximum results, continue your experience at home by incorporating the Prima Diva Skin Care in your normal skin care routine. Enjoy facials in our duet room with a friend or significant other.

Classic Deep Cleansing Facial — $60/40min

This classical deep cleansing facial assists you in achieving vibrant, healthy skin with a focus on balancing and normalizing oil flow and purifying the skin through extraction. Designed for oily skin types, we suggest the Anti-Acne add-on to enhance this facial.

Authentic European Facial — $90/75min

Our signature facial, this treatment is customized for individual skin types with European techniques. It consists of a deep pore cleansing, application of active enzymes for exfoliation, manual extraction, vaporization and a gentle face and neck massage. A specialty face and eye mask along with a repair ampoule complete this treatment.

Anti-Acne Facial — $80/60min

With repeated clinical treatments and a prescribed skin care regimen for home care, most adult and adolescent acne can now be vastly improved and controlled by the use of sophisticated equipment and program tailored to your individual needs.

Gentlemen’s Facial — $70/40min

The gentleman's skin will certainly be enhanced with this relaxing facial. The traditional barber hot towel technique is incorporated with aromatherapy for a truly rejuvenating experience.